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Huawei sues Samsung for patent infringement

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We’re pretty used to patent infringement lawsuits in the mobile world. Apple and Samsung have been duking it out for years, so seeing another lawsuit pop up doesn’t surprise us. But usually it’s a company like Apple suing a Chinese company over patent infringement.

This time around, things are pretty backwards. Huawei, a Chinese company, is suing Samsung for patent infringement. Crazy, but it’s not over plagiarized phone designs (something Huawei is extremely familiar with). The company is suing over unlicensed use of 4G technology, operating systems, and user interface software. These lawsuits were filed both in China and the US.

We’ll have to wait to see how Samsung responds, or if there will even be a public response. The claims may be legitimate, though that’s currently unknown. Either way, this fight may get interesting.

Source: Reuters

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