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Lenovo says Motorola integration ‘did not meet expectations’

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Lenovo has released its yearly financial and sales results, showing some losses. In particular, the company’s revenue in Q4 2015 was $9.1 billion, down 19% year over year. Full year revenue is down only 3%, though, so Lenovo isn’t facing obvious trouble.

However, in this financial report, the Motorola acquisition was touched upon. Motorola sold nearly 5 million units in Q4, part of the 10.9 million smartphones shipped by Lenovo overall. The report says that integration efforts “did not meet expectations.”

People haven’t been happy with Motorola recently, both in terms of quality and customer service. We’ve seen people denounce Lenovo’s new Motorola, which is unfortunate because it’s a company many used to love.

However, it’s not all bad news. The company is focusing on growth in China, where shipments declined 85%. Let’s hope Lenovo doesn’t outright kill Motorola and take the loss.

Source: Lenovo

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