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LG creates fingerprint sensor that lives under glass rather than in a button

LG Innotek fingerprint sensor in glass

Fingerprint sensors are usually either integrated into a button or are a separate piece on the body of the device. Nexus devices (and others) have a separate sensor on the back of the device, while companies like HTC opted to include a button for a fingerprint sensor, despite older devices not having a front-facing button at all.

LG Innotek has created a fingerprint sensor that won’t require a button or a part of the phone body dedicated to the sensor. This sensor lives under the glass, completely hidden and protected yet still able to match the accuracy rates of a traditional sensor. Only 0.3mm of the inside of the glass has to be cut out for the sensor, and LG even designed an adhesive specifically for this purpose.

This design could lead to much sleeker phones with plain black glass in the front uninterrupted by buttons. Although it could be a slight problem to intuitively teach users where to place their fingers, it shouldn’t be a challenge companies can’t overcome. Do you think this could lead to better looking smartphones, or are existing¬†fingerprint sensors superior?

Source: LG Innotek

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