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Motorola registers trademark for Moto Z


Last week, a rumor started circulating that Motorola, or Lenovo, would drop the Moto X name from its flagship Moto devices and instead go with Moto Z. Today, a filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office lends some credence to that rumor, as Motorola has filed for a trademark on the name Moto Z.

According to the earlier rumor, there will be two variants of the Moto Z much like the Moto X from 2015, a Moto Z Style and Play. The trademark filing for the Moto Z name is for smartphones and related accessories, so we’re inclined to believe this rumor will be coming true.

As for what the name change means, we’re guessing nothing. Smartphone manufacturers change it up all the time for sometimes no reason at all. The move from X to Z isn’t an indicator of any drastic changes, but for those who are worried about Moto’s future with Lenovo in charge, any change is a bad one. We should know more about the Moto Z this summer.

Via: DroidLife

Source: USPTO

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