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Netflix now offers cellular data controls to change video quality


For the folks out there who aren’t on an unlimited data plan or T-Mobile’s Binge On, Netflix is making it a little easier to avoid data overages.

Netflix has just announced that it is rolling out a brand new Cellular Data Controls that will allow subscribers to choose their video quality while streaming content over a cellular network. Instead of showing options like 720p or 1080p, Netflix simply breaks it down from “Low” to “Unlimited,” while offering estimates for how long you can stream that TV show you’re binging.

According to Netflix, the “Low” streaming option means you can stream up to four hours of content per gigabyte. The “Medium” option will net you up to two hours of streaming content per gigabyte, while the “High” option means you can stream up to one hour per GB. There is also an “Unlimited” option if you like to live dangerously, or if you happen to still have an unlimited data plan.

Netflix has gone on the record for throttling streaming quality for subscribers on AT&T and Verizon, so it’s good to see the company allowing customers to handle that sort of thing.

Do you watch Netflix while not connected to a Wi-Fi network?

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