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New DROID device appears in leaked photo

New Motorola DROID

The DROID brand was once the benchmark brand when it came to Android devices. In recent years, the brand has lost much of its former glory, now simply being Verizon-exclusive devices that feature the trademark logo. It appears that a new DROID device is on the way, and it looks to be coming from Motorola, which is expected to soon launch a new Moto Z device.

This new DROID device has quite a spiffy design, with a rear that looks to be a combination of glass and metal, although the reflections make it a bit hard to tell the exact material. The edges of the device appear to have a glossy metal finish. The back of the device features connectors for Motorola’s MotoMod swappable modules¬†as well as a large, round camera lens.

There’s no word on when this device will be released, but hopefully we’ll learn more over the next few weeks.

Source: @evleaks

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