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OnePlus launches OnePlus 3 Peer Review initiative to get feedback from customers

OnePlus 3 Peer Lab

At some point in the (hopefully near) future, OnePlus is going to get around to officially announcing the OnePlus 3, its latest flagship handset. We already know that that will include a virtual reality shopping experience in space, and now it looks like OnePlus wants to get feedback from its customer base as well.

OnePlus has announced “The Lab,” which will include peer reviews for the OnePlus 3 and perhaps future devices that OnePlus releases in the future as well. OnePlus says that they’ve been able to build the company with the help of its customers over the years, and they believe that customer feedback and participation is the guide that sets them on their path.

The Lab is just one of many results of that, and it will launch with the OnePlus 3, which the company aims to receive “fair, honest, crowd-sourced feedback” regarding the new handset, its features, and capabilities. The goal here, according to OnePlus, is a “comprehensive community review.” What that will actually look like in the end, with so many voices, will be interesting.

OnePlus says that anyone in any region can apply to get into the reviewers slots, but in the end they’ll only choose 30 people. Once the reviewers get their phones, which they’ll get before anyone else, they’ll have several days to put the handset through its paces.

At the time of this writing, there are five days, 22 hours, and 20 minutes remaining to apply for the reviewer position with OnePlus’s The Lab, and 419 people have applied so far.

Do you plan on applying?

Source: OnePlus The Lab

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