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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could introduce a BlackBerry Hub-type feature called Samsung Focus

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One of the things BlackBerry handsets do very well is keep all your notifications in one centralized location. Now, if a new rumor pans out, Samsung could be taking a page out of BlackBerry’s playbook to do the same thing.

According to a report from SamMobile, the Galaxy Note 6 will introduce a brand new feature called Samsung Focus. The feature will reportedly work like BlackBerry Hub, which populates notifications and content from the likes of email, calendar, text messages, and social media into one area.

With Focus, the report states that Samsung will integrate email, calendar, memos, and contacts into one area. Email will be one of the bigger focuses for the feature, which will not only compile all of the emails/notifications into one spot, but it will also let users quickly view and reply to messages per account. Galaxy Note 6 owners will be able to add calendar events, edit entries, and more, all from the single spot. And the contacts page will include all of the texts, emails, and event-specific information under their contact card as well.

Word is that the feature won’t be only found on the Galaxy Note 6, as Focus will land on future Samsung devices as well.

Source: SamMobile

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