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Samsung S Note app is now available in the Play Store

Samsung S Note app

Samsung has decided to branch off its S Note app, which is only been available on Samsung-branded devices, and release it into the Play Store.

With the S Note app, Samsung owners can use their S Pen or finger to do some drawing on their device whenever they feel the desire to. S Note will also let you insert pictures, charts, and other additions when the situation calls for it, and allow users to print, share, and export as PDFs as well.

You’ll be able to sync notes across other devices running S Note, and Samsung says that the S Note app will work on devices that don’t support the company’s S Pen stylus accessory. However, without the S Pen the S Note app’s list of features won’t be completely accessible.

This should make it easier for Samsung to update the S Note app independently from the rest of its proprietary system on its devices, so that should be good news for users moving forward.

If you own a Galaxy Note, how often do you use the S Note app?

Via: Android Police

Source: S Note (Play Store)

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