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Samsung shows off 6GB RAM chip that might make it into the Galaxy Note 6

Samsung Memory RAM

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is due to launch soon, and rumors have been flying about for months. One of the main spec rumors is that the device will launch with 6GB of RAM, which isn’t an unreasonable guess. Previous generations of the Note have debuted with a large (for their time) amount of RAM.

Samsung seems to want to confirm this rumor, as the company has just announced a new 6GB 10nm LPDDR4 RAM chip. It’s ripe to go into a new device, though we don’t know if it will show up in the Note 6. We’ll find out during the announcement that’s coming up though.

With more and more apps running in the background, 6GB of RAM isn’t exactly ridiculous or over the top. It’s always nice to have some overhead, though it’s hard to believe 6GB of RAM is triple what my first gaming computer had in 2008. What’s your opinion on this? Is 6GB of RAM a welcome addition or overkill? Leave a comment!

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