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Samsung’s EVO Plus 256GB microSD card goes on sale in June for $249.99

Samsung PRO 256GB card

For the folks out there that can’t get by on the standard built-in storage from current smartphones and tablets, microSD cards are an easy way to even more.

Samsung has just announced that its biggest microSD card to date will be available soon, offering 256GB of extra storage for those people out there who are craving even more space. The EVO Plus 256GB microSD card can handle up to 95MB/s of read speeds and 90MB/s for write speeds. On top of that, the EVO Pro 256GB microSD card is IPX7 waterproof, temperature-proof, magnetic-proof, and even X-ray-proof.

Breaking down the storage options, Samsung confirms that the Class 10 card can hold up to 55,200 photos, 33 hours of full HD video, 12 hours of full 4K Ultra HD video, and up to 23,500 MP3s.

As far as a launch date and pricing go, Samsung says that the new card will be available beginning sometime in June and that it will retail for $249.99. It’s a big chunk to get a card of that size right out of the gate, but sales for microSD cards are pretty common, so waiting a bit longer might not be a bad idea.

Who plans on picking this up?

Source: Samsung

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