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Sprint is ending two-year contracts again

Sprint axing two year contracts again

In January of this year, Sprint did away with two-year contracts, giving the options of either buying a new device outright, leasing, or paying a monthly installment. In February, Sprint said it “listened to our customers” and decided to resurrect the two-year contract from its very short-lived death.

But now a new leaked image published by Android Central says that Sprint is going back to its original strategy just three months later and axing two-year contracts again. The leaked document is from internal Sprint communication and says that two-year contracts will no longer be available beginning May 24. However, it also says existing Sprint customers will be able to get contracts “on a reactive basis only.”

Once May 24 rolls around, and for as long as Sprint sticks to its plans this time, new customers will have to go with a leasing option, monthly installment, or simply buy the device they want outright.

As to why Sprint’s making this decision, the document doesn’t say. It’s certainly a rollercoaster of sorts, and one can’t help but wonder how long it will be before Sprint changes its mind again.

Source: Android Central

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