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Sprint now offering a year of Amazon Prime when you sign up for the 40GB Better Choice XXL plan

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Sprint is certainly not shy about offering up access to Amazon Prime. Earlier this year, it started offering $11 per month access to Amazon Prime, and last year Sprint offered a year’s worth of Amazon Prime just for buying a Samsung smartphone. Now you’ll just need to sign up for a specific plan to get another Prime deal.

Sprint has announced that it is now bundling Amazon Prime access with one of its packages. Specifically, Sprint customers that sign up for the carrier’s 40GB Better Choice XXL Plan will get a year’s worth of Amazon Prime as well. The base price of the plan is $100 per month, but then you’ll also pay $20 per month for an access charge that’s coupled with each phone that’s purchased on an installment or lease plan. The access charge is $45 if you want to buy your phone on a two-year contract.

The plan is only available for a limited time, according to Sprint, and it’s an option for both new and existing customers.

If you aren’t already enrolled with Amazon Prime, does this deal sound good?

Source: Sprint

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