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Twitter confirms changes coming, including not counting usernames and media against character limit


A little over a week ago, a report surfaced that said Twitter was planning on making some changes to the way it counts the 140-character limit for tweets. Now, the social-network-turned-news platform has confirmed some big changes are in the works.

Twitter has officially announced some big changes to the way it counts characters in individual tweets. One of those changes is the fact that media and Twitter handles will no longer count against that 140-character limit. So if you include an @ mention and an image, video or GIF, none of that will count towards the text you want to include.

Twitter also wants to make sure you can share your own tweets a bit easier, and is making it possible to retweet and Quote Tweet yourself with these upcoming changes.

There are also some changes to the way mentions work. Specifically, users will no longer have to use “[email protected]” to send out a tweet directly to another Twitter user to make sure every one of their own followers see the tweet. Right now, tweets without that period in place can only be seen by people who are following both the sender and the recipient of that tweet. With these changes in place, everyone will be able to see those tweets now.

The 140-character limit has been in place right out of the gate, so many Twitter users have grown accustomed to rearranging tweets to fit in the box, but these changes will probably be a welcomed new addition to the platform moving forward. Twitter says the new changes will be rolling out over the coming months.

Source: Twitter

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