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Walmart Pay now rolling out to hundreds of stores in the US

Walmart Pay

Walmart officially debuted its own mobile payment option called Walmart Pay late last year. Now, several months later, its stores are now rolling out support for Walmart customers.

Despite the fact that Android (and Apple, Samsung, LG…) Pay exists, Walmart has opted to launch its own proprietary option for its customers, and the rollout begins in two states. Walmart has confirmed that 110 stores in Arkansas now supports Walmart Pay at the checkout register, and that 480 locations in Texas now offer Walmart Pay support, too.

To use Walmart Pay, you’ll need to install the Walmart app on your phone and then link your credit or debit card to a Walmart account. Walmart will offer you in-app receipts after each purchase, and the company says the mobile payment option is faster than checking out with a chipped debit or credit card.

Once you’re at the checkout register, a QR code will be displayed on the screen, which you’ll scan using your phone’s camera. Walmart customers using Walmart Pay can use pre-paid and gift cards, too.

Now that Walmart has begun rolling out support in its stores, a wider rollout should be happening soon enough, if Walmart Pay is something you’d want to use.

Do you want to use it?

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Source: Walmart (Google Play)

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