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You can withdraw cash from select Bank of America ATMs with Android Pay

Android Pay BofA

Mobile payment options want to make it easier to pay for things while also reducing the need to carry around all sorts of cards in a wallet. The ability to store multiple cards in one app rather than in one wallet does cut down on potential clutter, but it only works as well as the services out there in the wild that support it.

For example, pulling out cash from an ATM typically means you need your physical debit or credit card to access your account. But even that is beginning to change. Bank of America officially announced today that Android Pay users are now able to withdraw money from official Bank of America ATMs just by placing their device over the dedicated contactless card reader.

Bank of America confirmed that it will begin its rollout of this technology with 2,400 ATMs across the United States this month. The feature is already available at some ATMs located in Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Charlotte, and within Silicon Valley. The banking establishment also said that this particular rollout will see the majority of BofA ATMs in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco regions support the feature.

Bank of America plans for the rollout to continue throughout the year, saying that it should have support for Android Pay-based withdrawals at 5,000 ATMs by the end of the year.

To withdraw cash, you’ll need to select your Bank of America card within the Android Pay app, place the phone over the contactless card reader, and then enter your PIN as you normally would on the ATM’s keypad. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to withdraw cash, check your balance, and make a transfer.

Source: Bank of America

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