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New MVNO Promises “No Fees, Whatsoever”


Beginning May 5th, a new MVNO will be joining the mobile industry in the US. Called Tello, this new player promises to rewrite the industry by offering “No Fees, Whatsoever.” In doing so, it serves as a challenge to the other MVNOs in the country.

So what makes Tello different from the other MVNOs? For starters, Tello makes it easier for their customers to create their own plans. Instead of going to a store, they can simply sign up for a plan by visiting Tello’s website and choosing from the straightforward services offered by the network. They also have transparent billing policies so customers get to know where their money goes.

Creating a plan under Tello can be customized according to the customers’ needs. They have the freedom to choose the number of minutes, texts and data they need:


  • 0 minutes ($0)
  • 100 minutes ($3)
  • 200 minutes ($5)
  • 300 minutes ($7)
  • 500 minutes ($10)
  • Unlimited minutes ($15)


  • 0 texts ($0)
  • 200 texts ($2)
  • Unlimited texts ($3)


  • 0 ($0)
  • 200 MB ($4)
  • 500 MB ($8)
  • 1 GB ($11)
  • 2 GB ($21)
  • 3 GB ($31)
  • 5 GB ($45)

There’s also another option to go with one of the predefined deal offers:

  • Economy ($9/month): 100 minutes, 200 texts and 200 MB of 4G LTE data
  • Value ($21/month): 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500 MB of 4G LTE data
  • Smart ($39/month): Unlimited minutes and texts and 2 GB of 4G LTE data
  • Data Savvy ($55/month): 500 minutes, no texts and 5 GB of 4G LTE data

Tello also offers Pay As You Go credit of $5, $10, $20,  $50 or any other amount to use however the customer wishes. For US calls and texts, the rates are US Calls (3¢/minute), US Texts (1¢/SMS) and US Data (2¢/MB). Internationally, some examples of Tello’s rates are Cuba (65¢/minute), Mexico (1¢/minute) and China (1.2¢/minute).

Another advantage Tello has over its competition is that it does not tie its customers to a 2-year contract. Customers don’t have to deal with activation fees, overages, processing fees, or even early termination fees. Lastly, customers are free to upgrade, downgrade, renew or cancel their plans anytime.

Tello runs under Sprint’s network.

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