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AT&T Wi-Fi Calling is now available on the LG G4, coming soon to more devices

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AT&T has offered Wi-Fi Calling on a few devices, but all of them have been made by Apple. That’s finally changing, but at a very slow pace.

AT&T today announced that it has launched Wi-Fi Calling for Android phones. One Android phone, specifically. The big blue carrier now offers Wi-Fi Calling for the LG G4, but it does say that support for other Android phones is coming at some point in the future.

LG G4 owners will get a notification on their device when Wi-Fi Calling support is rolled out to their handset, so if you have one, keep an eye out. AT&T also says that the only way Wi-Fi Calling support will work is if a subscriber is on a postpaid account, so prepaid customers are out of the loop.

Wi-Fi Calling will let LG G4 owners not only make and receive phone calls while connected to a Wi-Fi network, but also send and receive text messages.

It’s a good start for Android phones under AT&T’s banner, at least. Here’s hoping Wi-Fi Calling support lands on more devices soon.

Source: AT&T

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