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Bluetooth 5 is going to offer faster speeds and farther range

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Bluetooth has been around for quite some time, getting better and better along the way. Especially with major upgrades, like what’s expected yet again with the upcoming release of Bluetooth 5 specifications.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) says that it will soon announce Bluetooth 5, which will be a huge update from the current Bluetooth 4.2 standard. According to the group, Bluetooth 5 will not only double the speed of Bluetooth-equipped devices, but also quadruple the range when compared to the current iteration of the wireless technology.

On top of that, Bluetooth 5 will also improve the connection and functionality of beacons and other location-relevant devices and services.

Bluetooth is a huge part of how wireless devices work these days; it’s certainly not just for a wireless headset anymore. The upgrade to Bluetooth 5, which should be announced soon, sounds like it will be a significant improvement for future devices.

Source: Bluetooth SIG

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