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Deal: Nextbit Robin for $299 on Amazon


There’s an increasingly intense tug-of-war happening between cloud storage and physical storage that’s been taking place. Some manufacturers are opting for greater physical storage and the ability to add more. But other new manufacturers are embracing cloud storage as the future. One of those is Nextbit, a company founded by former Googlers that places the central focus of its device on cloud storage.

The Nextbit Robin launched to much buzz last year, as it shipped with 32GB of physical storage but also included 100GB of cloud storage. The Robin would analyze your usage of your phone and determine what data needed to be stored on your phone and what should be kept in the cloud, constantly rearranging storage for the most efficient use possible while also ensuring that users would never run out of local storage.


Reviews of the Robin have been positive, and now the company is putting the device on sale. Customers can purchase the Nextbit Robin for just $299 on Amazon, a $100 savings off of the regular list price of $399. This sale runs for the next two weeks until June 21, so you have a few days to think it over.

You’ll find the links below. Anyone pulling the trigger on a Nextbit Robin with this deal?

Purchase the Mint Nextbit Robin here.

Purchase the Midnight Nextbit Robin here.

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