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Facebook Messenger may be getting optional encryption


Encryption in a messaging app is a no brainer. It offers a level of privacy that many users want, especially in recent times where privacy is a major concern and the lack of privacy is so obvious. But it can have consequences for future features.

This is why Google’s Allo messenger has optional encryption that isn’t enabled automatically. Using encryption means that the smart reply features and bots that Allo offers will not work, since it requires your messaging data to function. It’s great that Google offers it at all, but it makes sense why it’s not enabled by default; it defeats the purpose of the app.

Facebook is in the same boat, with future plans to add smart bots to Facebook Messenger. These bots will require user data to function, so encryption would render them useless. However, rumor has it that Facebook will be adding opt-in end-to-end encryption to the Messenger app anyway.

With so many users of Facebook Messenger and so many people in general wanting encryption, this would be a good move on Facebook’s part. Not everyone needs bots or smart communication, as privacy may be more valuable. Some are angry that it isn’t enabled by default, but in the end it makes sense. What are your thoughts on encryption in messaging apps? Should it be enabled by default (rendering many services unusable), or should it be available as an option so you can get the most out of the app? Let us know int he comments!

Source: The Guardian

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