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Google Expeditions app for Android lets students explore distant locales

Google Expeditions

One of the benefits of VR is being able to set foot in another place without actually leaving the room you’re in. Google wants to make that into a learning experience with a brand new Android app called Expeditions. With it, you’ll be able to go to places like historical landmarks, launch yourself out into space, or dive under the waves and scout out oceans.

Google has over 200 expeditions available right out of the gate, all of which have dedicated pieces of information that you can listen to and watch while exploring the area. That includes a list of descriptions for each expedition, questions, interesting facts that can be used as talking points, and more.


Getting Expeditions uses Google Cardboard with an Android phone or with just an Android smartphone or tablet using a “Magic Window” mode that lacks the 3D VR experience, but still offers the other features.

Google is offering Expedition kits through Best Buy, too, which include a total of 30 Mattel viewers, 30 devices, an Insignia teacher device, three rapid chargers, a TP-Link router, and a Pelican case, all for $9,999. The kits are available to pre-order by schools right now.

Expeditions for Android is available right now, and it will be available for the iPhone and iPad at some point in the near future.

Via: Google Education Blog

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