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Google Now on Tap adds common functions and shortcuts for nearby places

Google Now on Tap

Ever since Google on Tap made its debut, updates with new additions to the software have been few-and-far-between, but it looks like Android 6.0 users should start to expect some new elements.

An updated version of the service is now beginning to roll out, which features a few key changes. First and foremost, there is now a list of shortcuts that show commonly-used applications. Users will be able to quickly set an alarm, a quick option to navigate to home and work, create a reminder, and start a timer.

Google Now on Tap update

Below that, there is a new list of nearby places. The list will show places to shop, gas stations, cafes, bars, restaurants, and more.

None of these things are necessarily new to Google Now in general, considering users could simply ask the digital personal assistant to do the commonly-used apps, but options are always good, right?

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Source: Android Police

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