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Google Now on Tap has an incredibly useful new feature

Now on Tap Tap to Select Text (2) Image via: Droid Life

We all know and love Google Now on Tap, but in its current form, it’s still in need of some improvement and refinement. Fortunately, a new feature is in the works that makes Now on Tap far more useful. Some users are now seeing a tap-to-select text feature as part of Now on Tap that allows you to select individual text to refine your search to just that selection.

To use the feature, a user simply activates Now on Tap. This will bring up results for a number of different results that Google automatically finds on the page. But if a users wants to select specific text, they can tap on the new tap-to-select text button that sits alongside the share and menu buttons. Now on Tap will then make any text on the page selectable and the user can select a specific piece of text that Google will then bring up results for.

The best part is that this new feature works anywhere, not just on web pages. Users can use it in social media, music apps or practically anywhere. The most incredible feature, however, is that Now on Tap can even derive text from within images, allowing you to select text within in an image. Droid Life shows this feature in action with the below screenshots from Instagram.

Now on Tap Tap to Select Text

This new feature of Now on Tap is one that brings in enormous new functionality, improving the entire experience and making it far more useful. Google is clearly putting an effort into Now on Tap, and if this is a sign of things to come, users should be very excited.

Source: Droid Life

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