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Google posts June’s Android Security Bulletin

generic security lock

Google has posted its monthly Android Security Bulletin for June, showcasing all of the vulnerabilities found in Android. This month a critical vulnerability was found that could execute code through email, text or more by processing media files. Google doesn’t think the exploit has been used, but it’s been patched anyway.

If you’re using a Nexus device, definitely update your device as soon as you get the notification to do so. If you like to do it manually, you can get the factory images¬†and OTA images¬†directly from Google to update immediately.

For those without a Nexus device, it’ll be a while before the manufacturer of your device will put out the June security update. If you have a flagship, it might be pretty soon. If you have an older device, it may be months, or never. This is the unfortunate truth for older Android devices.

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