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Google Search will start to show health conditions in new cards


Google says that one percent of all searches — which is still in the millions of searches — are related to symptoms that someone might be feeling in the moment, like a headache that’s on one side of their head. So the company wants to make it easier to sift through information when those searches are necessary.

Google has announced new cards that will show health conditions and symptom information in dedicated cards in Google Search. In the days ahead, Google Search will show a series of dedicated results that are related to a user’s initial query. The example provided by Google shows that searching for “headache on one side” will populated a list that includes “headache,” “migraine,” “tension headache,” and others.

Digging deeper, searching for a specific symptom like “headache” will have the new dedicated health conditions cards show an overview description of the symptom, and they will also show information on self-care if a doctor’s visit doesn’t feel absolutely necessary. The cards will also show information that indicates symptoms that might warrant a doctor’s visit.

To get the results that it’s aiming for, Google says it creates the list based on health conditions mentioned in web results and then compares that information based on high-quality medical information found within the Knowledge Graph that Google has collected from physicians.

Google says the initial rollout for the new health conditions cards will begin in the United States and support English out of the gate. However, an international rollout with support for more languages and even more symptoms, is in the works.

Source: Official Google Blog

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