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Google Support may offer live help with screen-sharing for Nexus devices

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Word on the street is that Google wants to position its Nexus brand on a track that will see it attain wider adoption from smartphone buyers out there in the real world, instead of simply being enthusiast devices. To help get there, Google wants to offer a full-range of features, including ones that will apparently be Nexus-only.

That includes a brand new app that’s currently being called Google Support. As noted by Android Police, the app will apparently be a “Nexus experience,” which means it will only be available for Nexus-branded devices like the oft-rumored HTC Sailfish that’s rumored to launch later this year.

As the report outlines, Google Support will offer live support for the device, which will also feature screen-sharing functionality so the support person on the other end of the call can easily see what’s going on with the handset. As it stands, AP says they are reasonably confident in the authenticity of Google Support, but there’s always the possibility that Google could scrap the idea before Android N and new Nexus smartphones later this year.

If the feature does launch, there are questions about whether or not screen-sharing will be the only way Google’s support will be able to help the use. There’s no word on whether or not the reps will be able to draw on the device’s display or even control parts of the phone. It seems reasonable that live audio, or chat, would be part of the mix, though.

Do you like the idea that Google could offer live support on its Nexus devices?

Source: Android Police

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