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Google’s Duo and Allo apps have new app icons ahead of public launch


Earlier this year, Google unveiled a brand new video calling app called Duo and a new messaging app called Allo, both of which will see a public launch later this year.

When Google announced both apps, they showed off the app icons for both, right there on stage. Duo was shown off with a blue video camera, with the app’s name set inside of it with white text. Meanwhile, Allo was presented to the world in a red speech bubble, with the name of the app presented in white text.


Ahead of their launch, though, Android Police has discovered that both of the apps have had their icons worked on a bit. Specifically, the Duo app now features a gray and white video camera with the app’s name in white text inside of it. Allo has dropped the red and now boasts a blue speech bubble with the app’s name in white text inside of it.

Allo got the biggest change, thanks to a major shift in color scheme, but for the most part, the new app icons aren’t drastically different than what was initially shown off.

Still, are you excited for Allo and Duo to launch later this year?

Via: Android Police
Sources: Allo (Play Store), Duo (Play Store)

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