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Instagram rolls out ‘Picked for You’ video channels


Instagram wants you to explore the world within its social network, where plenty of people post a plethora of pictures and videos. That’s where the Explore page comes in. And now that tab is getting better thanks to content that will be geared more towards your liking.

Instagram has officially announced a new “Picked for You” series of video channels that will show you content based on a user’s favorite topics and interests. This content will continue to expand and get better as more videos are added.


Users have been able to upload 60-second Instagram videos for only a few months now, so the content will surely expand in good time. Indeed, Instagram says that over the course of six months, Instagram users’ video consumption has grown 150 percent.

The new Picked for You video channels are only available in the United States for now, but an international rollout should happen soon.

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Source: Instagram (Play Store)

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