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Moto Mods pricing revealed through My Verizon app

Lenovo Moto Z

Lenovo recently introduced the new Moto Z and its DROID variants. While the devices themselves are great in their own respect, one of the unique selling points was that of Moto Mods, a selection of accessories and shells that users could attach to their Moto Z. The most interesting was the Insta-Share Projector, which allows the smartphone to instantly project up to 70-inches on any surface. Much as it caught our attention, Lenovo didn’t reveal any pricing.

Thanks to the My Verizon app, we now have pricing info on certain Moto Mods. We’ll get the biggest blow out of the way first and let you know that the Insta-Share Projector is going to set you back a whopping $299. Fortunately, prices go down from there, with the very respectable JBL SoundBoost Mod priced at just $79, which essentially allows you to carry around a portable speaker attached to your phone.

If you’re looking for more battery, the TUMI battery packs are priced at $89 for the standard battery pack and $99 for the battery pack with wireless charging. The Kate Spade Style Shell has also been revealed to be priced at $79, though the other style shells still remain without prices.

Moto Mods are an interesting concept, but the prices may prove to be tricky. While the JBL SoundBoost Mod may prove worth the price, the more notable Insta-Share Projector seems a bit too expensive at $299. We can’t predict the future, though, and customers may be willing to pay the extra price for the unique tech.

How’s the pricing look to you? High? Low?

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