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Moto X Pure Edition 16GB and 64GB models on sale, B&H offering free microSD card with purchase


There are some great deals going on for the Moto X Pure Edition in the wake of the Moto Z announcement. Although the Moto Z line won’t be replacing the Moto X, the Moto Z will be Motorola’s true flagship device, relegating the Moto X to a mid-range position.

Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo Video are all offering the same deal on the Moto X Pure Edition in 16GB and 64GB storage (strangely the 32GB model is currently $30 more expensive than the 64GB model). However, B&H is sweetening the deal with free microSD cards.

The 16GB model is currently $300 from Motorola, but the three retailers are offering it for $239. B&H will toss in a free 32GB microSD card with the purchase. The 64GB is $320 — down from $400 from Motorola — and B&H is offering a free 64GB microSD card, doubling the storage to 128GB. And with adoptable storage, that microSD card can be treated like internal storage.

The device is available in black, white, and white/bamboo, depending on the storage tier and availability. The black 64GB model is already backordered on B&H. Hit the source links to take advantage of these deals!

Source: B&H Photo Video, Best Buy, Amazon

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