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Moto Z Style Mod backplates leak showing leather, wood, and other options


The Lenovo-owned Motorola has plans to launch a Moto Z, instead of a Moto X, flagship device this year, changing up the brand a little bit. But that’s not all that’s changing.

The Moto Z will reportedly feature MotoMods, modular pieces that will allow future owners to attach things like a camera grip, external speakers, and more to the device’s back. Instead of having little individual pieces slide into place, though, the Moto Z will feature swappable backplates.

Those backplates won’t just be for built-in accessories. New images of the back plates indicate that Motorola is changing up its Moto Maker process a bit and will let owners keep customizing their device even after they’ve made the purchase. The image shows us that there will be leather, wood, some textured materials, as well as different colors. This will let owners swap out backplates as they see fit and keep on customizing their phone.


We can also see that when one of those backplates is installed, the camera is flush with the back of the phone.

Motorola has plans to announce something on June 9, so it’s possible we get to see the new Moto Z and all of its customizing options here shortly.

Are you excited to see how the Moto Z stacks up against the competition?

Source: HellomotoHK

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