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Nextbit is promising major battery life improvements for the Robin


Nextbit has a focus on improving things. That started out with storage in its Robin smartphone, and now the company is setting its sights on battery life.

In a community post, Nextbit has published a quick post on what the future holds for the Robin and how Nextbit will place a focus on battery life. There aren’t a lot of details in the forum posting, but it’s a good sign that Nextbit is continuing its focus on improving specific functions of our smartphones. Well, for the Robin, at least.

According to Nextbit, a new version of Nextbit OS will launch sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. With it, the software will learn the habits of the Robin owner and then make changes at the system level to make sure they get the most screen time possible. Nextbit plans on building this smart feature on top of what Google already has built into Android Marshmallow and what it will introduce with Android N later this year.

This sounds great, especially because batteries seem to evolve more slowly than anything else on our smartphones.

How has your battery life been, Robin owners?

Source: Nextbit Community

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