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OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei explains what’s different about OnePlus 3′s Optic AMOLED display

OnePlus 3 official

The new OnePlus 3 comes with something that the company calls an “Optic AMOLED” display, which went unexplained until now. Thankfully, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei took the time to explain what it meant in his Reddit AMA.

The Optic AMOLED display on the device is a current generation Samsung Super AMOLED panel. The changes that warrant the special name are both hardware and software, but they’re nothing major. Basically, the changes were to color temperature and contrast as well as outdoor performance.

Carl Pei makes it clear that the panels are customized for OnePlus, not just an off-the-shelf panel with a custom color profile. So when you see “Optic AMOLED” being touted, just know it’s a solid Samsung Super AMOLED panel with some OnePlus tweaks.

Source: Reddit

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