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Pebble Core gets Amazon Alexa support

Pebble Core

Pebble and Amazon have partnered together in an unexpected way. During the Kickstarter for its latest round of products, Pebble has announced that its Core keychain fitness/hacker do-it-all device will have Amazon Alexa support.

Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant that usually running on Echo devices. With Alexa on a Pebble Core, you have a fully portable virtual assistant thanks to the device’s 3G connection. You’ll be able to play music, control your home’s smart functions, shop on Amazon, hear the news, and ask questions all using your voice.

While the partnership seems odd at first, a portable Amazon Echo in the form of the tiny Pebble Core sounds like a great idea. If you haven’t backed the Kickstarter, now is an even better time to do so.

Source: Pebble Blog

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