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Sprint hires Verizon’s old ‘Can you hear me now?’ pitchman

Remember Verizon’s old commercials? Actor Paul Marcarelli would play Test Man and say the now iconic line “Can you hear me now?” It’s hard to forget such a popular commercial, and it seems Sprint never really forgot Marcarelli either. 

Sprint has snagged Marcarelli for its newest commercials, and ads with him are already running. Claiming that the difference in reliability between Sprint and other carriers is as small as one percent, it seems Sprint is hoping the man that put Verizon into all of our heads will do the same for the fourth place carrier in the US.

Not to be outdone, a Verizon executive commented, “Sprint’s using our pitchman from 2002 because their network quality is catching up to where Verizon’s network was in 2002..” Absolutely savage, Verizon. Absolutely savage.

So what do you guys think? Will Paul Marcarelli bring people back to Sprint, especially since he’s a customer now? Or is the carrier relying on outdated advertising to get an advantage? Leave a comment!

Source: Sprint

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