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The BlackBerry Priv is not doing very well at AT&T


Late last year, BlackBerry launched the Priv — the company’s first Android-based smartphone — on AT&T. Since then, the Android hasn’t been doing all that well on the big blue network.

Speaking to CNET, an AT&T executive has said that the Priv is “really struggling.” Moreover, the executive also said that they’ve “seen seen more returns than we’d like” for BlackBerry’s Android device. The executive went on to say that most of the people who have purchased a Priv have been “hardcore” BlackBerry fans, but have ultimately not been able to make the transition from BlackBerry OS or BlackBerry 10 to Android.

That’s certainly unfortunate to hear for Blackberry, which took a big leap to adopt Android from its own proprietary mobile operating system. Still, one can hope that BlackBerry won’t be giving up and that they’ll launch something even better later this year.

Did you buy a Priv? If so, did you keep it or return it?

Source: CNET

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