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There’s a new OS in the works, and it’s being built by Huawei

Huawei P9

There comes a point when everything passes, and for some, the best way to cope is to prepare. Huawei falls into that group, with The Information reporting that Huawei is developing its own operating system as a fallback to Android. While the details are unknown and intriguing, the larger question is, why?

Huawei is a company that enjoys security. As a whole, the company is diversified, giving Huawei plenty of safety in case one sector should fall through. With its devices, Huawei is generally playing it safe, with a design that echoes of Apple’s distinct creative notes. Its own UI, EMUI, has been compared to iOS on so many occasions that Huawei has hired former Apple designer, Abigail Brody, to rework the software in a more original fashion.

But as for a new OS? That seems to be from speculation on Huawei’s part. Huawei is clearly not sold on the future of Android, and is preparing a fallback should the situation arise. We can only speculate based on the sparse info, but a possible concern is that Huawei is worried about Google changing the way Android is handled. If Google was to limit the amount that OEMs can tweak Android, Huawei would be in a pinch, as EMUI takes plenty of liberties.

Huawei’s OS is reportedly in the early stages and is being designed by a team in Scandinavia. That may seem like an odd location choice for the Chinese company, but The Information reports that several former Nokia engineers are working on the project, which lends credence to the location choice.

With Huawei beginning on its own OS, the question begs to be asked, when will the other manufacturers start on theirs?

Via: Android Police

Source: The Information

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