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Verizon to introduce new features, including carryover data


In the fierce competition between U.S. carriers, every operator has to find a way to stand out. While Verizon has long held its ground by boasting the best network, the company looks to be finding some other ways to boost value for customers. According to a new image that popped up on Reddit, the company is going to add some new features.

Verizon New Features

The first of these is carryover data, allowing customers to roll unused data over into the next month’s data allotment. It’s important to note that each month rolls over into the next month only, so you can’t indefinitely hold a massive data allotment.

Second is Safety Mode, which is essentially a removal of data caps on plans, albeit at throttled speeds once you go past your paid-for allotment. This comes free on XL and XXL plans, but will be an additional $5 per month for customers on other plans.

Finally, Verizon will offer customers the ability to bring their text, data and voice allotments with them to Mexico and Canada. This perk also includes free calling from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada. Like Safety Mode, this feature is free for XL and XXL customers, but will be available to other customers for an additional charge (though the exact price is unclear).

Droid-Life was able to receive confirmation of these changes from at least one source, and Verizon replied by saying that it’s “going to have some fireworks next week.”

Any of these features pique your interest?

Via: Droid Life

Source: Reddit

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