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YouTube Red subscribers receiving offer for free Chromecast

YouTube Red

If you subscribed to YouTube Red, you’re in for a treat. Some subscribers have received an email from Google offering them a free Chromecast to reward them for their subscription, which is a great way to get more people to watch YouTube on the big screen.

Before you get excited, there is some bad news. This appears to only be for people who specifically signed up for YouTube Red, not for those who have Google Play Music All Access and got YouTube Red at the same time. So if you have YouTube Red but didn’t specifically subscribe to it, you’re likely not getting that email.

YouTube Red is a pretty greatĀ deal at $9.99 a month for ad-free YouTube, along with exclusive YouTube content, offline videos, background YouTube Music listening, and the addition of Google Play Music All Access. And with a $35 Chromecast thrown in, it’s even better. You’ll have until JuneĀ 19th to get the Chromecast, so let us know if you receive your email!

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