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Ahead of its launch, we now have a clear look at the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Cropped)

People are buying larger phones, and that demand is exactly what is driving the success of devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. Samsung isn’t slowing down, and the company is prepping the latest entrant to the series, the Galaxy Note 7. Rumors have pegged the device for an early August launch, but we’re getting a peek at the device before then. Thanks to @evleaks, we have a clear view of the three different color options for the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung is offering choices of Black Onyx, Silver Titanium and Blue Coral, all of which look to be surrounded by glass, much like the device’s sibling, the Galaxy S6. The use of glass as a primary build material has been controversial, but Samsung has seen strong sales of the Galaxy S6. If that’s any indication, most consumers don’t find the glass build to be a deal breaker.

Other than a clear look at the device, there’s not much new to be gleaned. We can see the traditional home button and fingerprint scanner, and we also have a look at what could be the device’s new iris scanner, which adds extra security. Iris scanning has been a popular topic of discussion for years. If Samsung has found a way to enable the technology in a smartphone, it may have a real selling feature, albeit one that may take flak for its gimmicky nature.

Stay tuned for further coverage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Source: @evleaks

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