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Verizon’s plan updates include price hikes and more data


Raising prices is never an easy thing to do. It’s a tricky topic at best and requires delicate handling to prevent issues from arising. Cloaking the increase with value is one way to ameliorate the situation, and it’s the tactic that Verizon has chosen for its latest change. Last week ushered in reports that Verizon would be making some changes to its offerings. Today’s report builds on that news, with Droid Life reporting that Verizon is increasing plan prices.

The price hike isn’t alone, as each plan is also receiving a bump in the amount of included data. Here’s Droid Life‘s breakdown:

  • S: 2GB for $35 (was 1GB for $30)
  • M: 4GB for $50 (was 3GB for $45)
  • L: 8GB for $70 (was 6GB for $60)
  • XL: 16GB for $90 (was 12GB for $80)
  • XXL: 24GB for $110 (was 18GB for $100)

Plan prices are increasing, but it does seem to weigh out with the increased amount of data. Additionally, last week’s report pointed to new features arriving for some plans. These include carryover data, throttled unlimited data and free data and text roaming for customers who are visiting Mexico and Canada. It’s debatable whether these new features justify a price hike (on top of the fact that some are only available for the largest plans), but Verizon customers should now receive more for their money.

These changes are slated to take place on Friday, June 7, with Verizon currently training employees on the updates.

Source: Droid Life

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