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Google shutting down Device Assist effective immediately

Android Device Assist

Way back in 2014, Google launched an app named Device Assist which was designed to help Android One and Nexus owners. It probably helped at least a few people out there, but now it’s coming to an end.

Android Police reports that, effective immediately, Device Assist is being shut down. Users that try to access the app are being notified with a “Detected Issues” card, which then unceremoniously tells the user that Device Assist is shutting down. Instead, Google is directing Android users to check out a dedicated website with tips and tricks on it.

The app, which used to be available in the Play Store, is no longer present. However, if you’ve downloaded it before you can still find it that way if you really want to. If you still have the app installed on your device, it should still function for now, but Google isn’t planning on adding any additional tips.

Did you ever use Device Assist?

Source: Android Police

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