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OnePlus is teasing ‘something special’ for August 25

OnePlus Aug 25 tease

OnePlus launched its latest flagship, the OnePlus 3, not too long ago, but apparently the company is once again on the brink of unveiling something new. Today they’ve turned on the hype machine to make sure all eyes are on deck when the big reveal arrives.

OnePlus will announce “something special” on August 25. However, what OnePlus has in store for all of us remains to be seen. The teaser video is only 28 seconds long, and while it’s obvious there’s a vinyl record spinning, that doesn’t really tell us anything specific. There does appear to be an earbud in the middle of the image, and we can clearly see “V2″ in the center. The safest bet at this point is that OnePlus is teasing new Icon earbuds.

It’s possible OnePlus is garnering up a lot of attention just for some earbuds. If that is indeed the case, we’ll have to hope they’re worth the attention when OnePlus unveils them in just a couple of days.

Source: @OnePlus

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