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Galaxy Note 7 battery explodes for one owner

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion 1

Fires and explosions from battery-powered devices aren’t exactly unheard of. When you pack a high-energy lithium battery into a small device you have on you at all times, accidents are bound to happen. Thankfully, they’re pretty uncommon.

It seems that the first Samsung Galaxy Note 7┬áhas suffered damage from a bad battery. This one looks particular nasty, as the battery blew out the side and melted part of the device. But the charred gold color definitely looks nice with what’s left of the blue body!

In one photo we see a microUSB cable with a USB Type-C adapter on it, but it looks like that’s the Samsung-supplied adapter. Maybe the cause was the charging brick, or a poor quality cable, but it’s hard to blame USB Type-C in this case.

Either way, this is almost guaranteed to be an isolated case and shouldn’t lower your opinion of the Note 7. It happens, and it can happen to any device.

Via: Phandroid

Source: Baidu

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