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Walgreens seamlessly integrates loyalty program into Android Pay

Android Pay Walgreens Balance Rewards loyalty program

Android Pay is meant to be as simple as possible. You just unlock your phone, tap a sensor, and you’ve paid. Unfortunately, loyalty programs aren’t quite as easy. You still have to bring up your loyalty card and have the cashier scan a barcode.

Walgreens is changing that by becoming the first company to integrate its loyalty program into Android Pay. To activate your Balance Rewards card, you’ll tap your phone to the same sensor. A second tap will pay. This is a great idea and will definitely make shopping at Walgreens just a bit more simple.

This feature should automatically be turned on for you, but check your Balance Rewards card in Android Pay if you want to make sure. And let us know how you like it when you end up giving it a shot!

Source: Business Wire

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