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Android Pay adds support for Chase Bank and more, mobile payments in Chrome

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Android Pay already has support from huge banks in the United States, and now it’s added yet another to the (still growing) list.

Google has officially announced that Android Pay now supports a variety of different cards from Chase Bank. Those include the Visa Sapphire, Freedom, Slate, United Mileage Explorer, and Hyatt Credit Card. The benefits and protections that are tied to each of those cards are still available while using them in Android Pay.

In the United Kingdom, Android Pay will support Santander Bank and TSB in the coming weeks, so Android users waiting to use those mobile payment options can expect support soon.

Integration with Uber is happening, too. Google officially confirmed that Android Pay will integrate with the driving service’s Payment Rewards program, which allows customers to activate timed discounts. For instance, beginning September 7, Android Pay customers in the United States can utilize 50% off 10 Uber rides, without using a code. That discount will apply until October 15.

And, finally, one other big announcement: mobile payments support in Chrome. Google has confirmed that Android Pay will soon work inside Chrome at dedicated websites like,, and many others that’ll be added to the list. Android Pay will work the same way it does when using it at a physical checkout location, but built into your browser.

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Source: Android Official Blog

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