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AT&T updates the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge to Marshmallow

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Are you the owner of an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note Edge? If so, you’re probably frustrated with not getting your Marshmallow update yet. Marshmallow launched a year ago, and Nougat launched a few weeks ago. Two Android versions behind? That’s just sad.

Thankfully, AT&T is finally (finally!) updating its Note 4 and Note Edge to Marshmallow. Expect to download a 1.3GB file followed by quite a bit of downtime while updating, but when you’re done, you’ll get all the benefits of Android 6.0 like Google Now on Tap, better volume controls, permission controls, and a lot of under the hood improvements. You’ll also get video calling, advanced messaging, and Wi-Fi Calling from AT&T.

If you’re ready to download your update, head to Settings > General > About phone > Software updates and check for a new update. Make sure you’re connected to WiFi and can live without your phone for half an hour. When you’re done, let us know how the update process went!

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