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Comcast will launch wireless service next year

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The US already has four big carriers (and a bunch of smaller ones) but Comcast believes it can succeed as a competitor. The company will launch a wireless network by mid-2017.

Instead of a traditional network with its own airwaves, Comcast will use its 15 million WiFi hotspots and Verizon’s airwaves. This does mean that the service won’t be nationwide; instead, it’ll just be where Comcast has a foothold.

Using WiFi hotspots is a good way to ease load on mobile networks, but staying in areas with WiFi hotspots isn’t always easy. We don’t know how well Comcast’s network will work, but Verizon’s service is generally very good, so it should have good service outside of WiFi.

The use of WiFi could also mean lower prices, which is good for the consumer. This might be where Comcast will compete, rather than in coverage or data packages. It helps that Comcast can also bundle TV and home internet with its service, much like AT&T and Verizon do.

Would you sign up for Comcast wireless service if it was cheaper with your home internet or TV? Leave a comment!

Source: Wall Street Journal

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