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Distil Union Stanley stand review

Distil Union Stanley stand 3

Picking up your smartphone to check notifications and answer them is a hassle when you’re at your desk. Especially for those who spend lots of time at their desks, it’s great to have a view of your smartphone to make sure you’re not missing anything important.

The Distil Union Stanley stand is a high end take on a phone stand, opting for elegance and customization to hold your phone up comfortably while also looking good on any desk. It shows in the price, which is a whopping $50. The exterior is made out of soft leather with stitching around the edges, while the inside area is covered in felt. The end result is a gorgeous stand that adds class to your desk when a phone isn’t on it.

Beneath the nice exterior is heavy steel, giving the stand a hefty weight. There are flexible areas at each joint, allowing you to bend it to any pose you want. You can make it balance for almost any phone (and even tablets under 8″!).

Distil Union Stanley stand 2

The rear features a hole to hold a cable, and below the phone is a hole for the cable so you can charge the device while it’s cradled. It also comes with a six foot USB extension. It’s a pretty red braided cable that you plug into your computer/charger and plug your regular cable into, so it’ll work with whatever cable you want; micro USB, Type-C, or even Lightning.

So how does the stand hold phones? Well, it really depends on the phone, but the chances are good you’ll have no trouble. It wouldn’t hold my Moto X Pure Edition due to the device being large and very top heavy. It would constantly fall backwards, though it befuddled me why the device is so top heavy. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the same size display as the Moto X yet the Stanley stand held the Note 4 without a problem. It also holds the Honor 8 flawlessly.

I also tried a few 7-inch tablets on this small stand, not expecting much. Fortunately, all were held in place perfectly, even in portrait orientation.

Distil Union Stanley9 / 10

Distil Union Stanley stand 4

If you’re looking for a classy, beautiful stand, this is it. The leather and felt come together to make something truly unique looking. Yes, you can find stands much cheaper flooding Amazon. But you can’t beat the feel of leather and felt.

Those that I’ve asked have been split between thinking $50 is a lot for a stand and thinking $50 is a great price for a stand that looks so great. If you can stomach the $50 price tag, you’ll get a fantastic product.

If you want to pick one up, head over to Distil Union’s site or Amazon!

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